FHWA Webinar: Best Practices in Enforcement on Managed Lane Facilities

FHWA hosted a webinar on best practices in managed lanes enforcement.

Best Practices in Enforcement on Managed Lane FacilitiesMarch 28, 20162:00pm – 3:30pm

Register at: https://connectdot.connectsolutions.com/e4barkabrtr/event/event_info.html

Priced managed lanes continue to gain popularity in recent years as a way to address highway congestion in urban areas. One of the key challenges, however, remains enforcement. Significant time and funding has been invested in exploring innovative ways to monitor and enforce the use of managed lanes. In the past, transportation agencies have relied primarily on law enforcement officers.  However, this method often puts the lives of officers at risk; it can be costly; and, identifying which vehicles are violators has been made more difficult due to the variety of exemptions a facility/operator may choose to extend to users. Transportation agencies, private vendors, and manufacturers have recently collaborated to identify new technologies/strategies that can assist agencies in effectively enforcing managed lane policies.

This webinar will feature some of the best practices based on lessons learned from some of the new enforcement technologies that are being tested and utilized.

The following speakers will present at this webinar:

Chris Sanders, Director of Tolling Operations, State Road & Tollway Authority | Georgia Regional Transportation Authority

Joe Averkamp, Senior Director; Technology, Policy and Strategy at Xerox

Javier Rodriguez, TSM&O Program Engineer, Florida Department of Transportation

Paul Steinberg, Chief Business Officer | Evangelist | Sales | Business Development | Policy | IoT | Connected Car, Carma