The anti-crisis shield, which forms of assistance for companies will give

We’re already six Shields away, and many entrepreneurs are wondering which forms of government assistance are still available.


Post-employment benefit
This is a tax-free amount of PLN 2080 for persons who conduct business activity or were employed on the basis of civil law contracts (order and contract for specific work). You can apply for it every month, but no more than three times. The maximum amount of support is PLN 6240.


Microloan PLN 5000
This is non-refundable aid in the amount of PLN 5000 for people who run business activities. The loan is automatically forgiven after 3 months from the date of receipt, provided that the entrepreneur is still conducting business. This form of aid is also exempt from taxation. An application for a microloan called PSZ-PKDG can be submitted at


Subsidy for activity without employees
This is a non-refundable benefit granted by a starost for three months.
The amount of the subsidy depends on the decrease in the entrepreneur’s turnover, which is calculated by comparing the turnover of two consecutive months of 2020 to the corresponding months of 2019. A month is considered to be any 30 days following. If the decrease was 30%, the subsidy will be 1,300 PLN per month, 50% of the decrease is 1,820 PLN of support, and 80% of the decrease – 2,340 PLN.
The application for this benefit, called PSZ-DKDG, should also be submitted at


Subsidy for business activities employing employees
Businesses that employ workers may take advantage of subsidies from both the Poviat and Voivodship Labour Offices. The subsidy from the Poviat Labour Office concerns subsidies to employees' salaries and social security contributions for 3 months. Its amount also depends on the decrease in turnover and is calculated on the same basis as the subsidy for business without employees. It can be submitted on the application form PSZ-DKWP.

The subsidy is granted for each employee in the amount not higher than 90% of the minimum wage including social security contributions.


A subsidy from the WUP is also granted for 3 months. Applications called VIA-WOMP will be accepted until 10 June 2021, but the subsidy will be granted up to 30 June 2021. They can be submitted at

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