Travel agency bankruptcies are on the rise again. What should tourists remember when claiming their rights? What should you pay special attention to? When a travel agency goes bankrupt, two cases must be distinguished: – when an organized trip was purchased from a travel agency or – when a tour operator buys a charter flight […]

Quarantine is a preventive measure to limit the spread of an infectious disease. Mandatory quarantine is directed by the sanitary-epidemiological service or it occurs automatically, among others after obtaining a referral for a COVID-19 test. Is it possible to disagree with this obligation? Can a person who has received information about the need for quarantine […]

Can an employer order its employees to work remotely? An employer can order its employees to work remotely. Will my pay change if I work remotely? No. Remote working involves changing the location of the work. In this case, the salary will remain the same if the employment contract is not changed in this regard. […]

Faced with fighting the negative effects of a pandemic, many companies have been forced to decide to cut jobs. Has your boss handed you a notice of termination of employment? Find out what rights you have. Dismissal of an employee is an everyday occurrence in the labour market. According to the current provisions of the […]

By February 1 you must submit ZUS IWA, or information on data to determine the accident insurance premium, for 2020. This applies to entrepreneurs who last year reported at least 10 people to accident insurance and met additional conditions specified in the regulations.   The ZUS IWA information is required to be submitted by payers […]

When deciding on a mortgage, we want all the formalities to go smoothly and without unnecessary delay. In such a situation a good decision is to meet with a mortgage advisor who will acquaint us with the current offer of banks. However, it is worth preparing for such a meeting. When coming to the first […]

Polish medical law requires that a doctor obtain the patient’s consent before performing an examination, procedure, or other medical service…. Parental authority is vested in both parents by law and arises at the time of the child’s birth, after which it continues until the child reaches the age of 18. … When divorce proceedings do […]

On 8 May 2018r. The government adopted a draft law strengthening the protection of entrepreneurs against unfair competition. Thanks to the new legislation, trade secrets, license secrets, technological secrets will be more protected. The bill increases guarantees for honest entrepreneurs. Under the new provisions, the mere acquisition of a business secret (e.g. by copying documents […]